Why Information Security is important?

We store and access information in various devices and forms such as laptops, mobiles, verbal, documents. We handle various types of valuable information like Customer Data, Financial Information, Business Data. Value of our information is the assets that powers and enables our business. Any loss of information can affect the organization in terms of:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Reputation


Let us look at some Information Security practices to be followed;

Access Control:

Wear your badge while at work, inside and outside the office.

Email security:

Does an email have a suspicious link or an attachment? Do not click or open it.

Internet Security:

While using internet, do not download free or unauthorized software, even if you have admin access.

Social media usage:

While participating in social media, do not disclose confidential information.

Connecting to Wi-Fi:

Always connect to secure Wi-Fi hotspots.

Report Security Incidents as soon as you identify them.


When you don’t teach your employees about information security, they post their vacation plans on social media sites like “We are going on vacation this Saturday for two weeks”. Then the bad guys know when your employees won’t be at home. That means they know when your employees are away, they clean them out.

When your employees homes have been robbed, your employees come to work naked. So don’t let your employees come to work naked. Train them now..

We’d love to conduct a security awareness program for you.

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