5th generation cyber attacks

Today’s corporate environment has evolved significantly during the past few years. This generation is connected far more than ever as we are using more and more digital technology. With the evolution of connectivity, we now see more cyber-attacks than ever as cyber-attacks have evolved too.

5th generation

Now we are in the 5th generation of threats and cyber-attacks. Attackers are using the latest technology to exploit the vulnerabilities in the systems and devices to launch their payloads. They are the MEGA threats which are more sophisticated and harder to prevent. Today we are at a very critical point of cybersecurity. Large-scale attacks have an effect on all kind of businesses and their reputation.

While the risk is growing exponentially, most enterprises still use multiple security solutions of the previous generation of threats. These solutions are not as effective in dealing with the new generation targeting the businesses at multiple angles.

They still say, “my AV is good enough to protect me from all kinds of viruses. I have been using this protection for several years and I have never seen any virus yet”. Yes, that’s true in a way. How could you ever see the latest threats with your outdated protection?

These enterprises with outdated protection have risks at all levels. They get exposed to ransomware attacks and get their workstations or servers encrypted. Then they pay ransom without any guarantee of getting their data recovered. At the same time, they are at risk of getting their confidential and critical information leaked to the outside. Mobile devices is now being used even more to infiltrate and infect as one of the weakest links in today’s evolving networks. Apps is used to steal data, listen on conversations and mine for crypto currency.

Each solution is managed through different security consoles making efficiency and control an issue. Even if all these solutions can stop one attack from occurring at one point, they don’t speak together and share the intel. Making an exploit stopped at one point still likely of happening elsewhere in the organization.

This is the time for a change if you are still relying on the old thought process of security. Business’s security level cannot stay behind. It’s time to use the 5th generation of security protection with a proper security architecture which can see the entire enterprise. An ideal solution that is capable of preventing these mega-attacks in real-time before they even happen. An up-to-date solution is needed with the best security technology which can share threat intelligence across the entire IT infrastructure. This is where our own security service CENTRY comes in for your protection.

CENTRY is the 5th generation of security that binds it all together. We combine all the threat intelligence collected from your firewall, AV, anti-spam solution, O365, wireless etc. into one central place of operations. Analyzed and filtered by advanced algorithms and security experts, we provide an accurate intel and alerts you as soon as we see an attempt on your organization.

With CENTRY you have your own private security department ready to enlist all its tools in order to secure your business from future attacks.

Completely vendor independent, it doesn’t matter which solution you employ in your business. We can still bring it all together into CENTRY for deep analytics.

Don’t wait for the next attack, talk to CENTRY representatives today and get the ideal security solution for your enterprise.


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