About Us

Security adapted to your business

Cyberon Security is comprised of a highly dedicated and experienced group of IT-Security professionals. From the beginning in 2014 where our focus was mainly consulting, we have grown to be a service and product provider for more than 150 companies globally. Through our experience in the security field, we have also developed our own security-managing tool Centry, which makes us a unique security partner delivering and monitoring all your security needs.

Worldwide reach

Located in Norway, Sri Lanka and cooperating with businesses in Brazil we are a global company offering our services internationally. This makes us able to read the global security threat landscape and react proactively between our teams. Our focus is to deliver security to everyone no matter the size of your company. Whether you are the owner of the local shop on the corner or a megastore, we still want to protect you from data theft.

We are passionate about security and aim to deliver tailored solutions, which elevates both the security and awareness of YOUR company!

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