Current Threats

17 Apr: Multiple vulnerabilities used in attack against routers

It has now been uncovered critical vulnerabilities in the WPA2 encryption protocol for Wifi. The vulnerability makes it possible for attackers to listen into the traffic between machines and access points. The Proof of concept vulnerability is called KRACK, short for “Key Reinstallation Attacks”.

04 Jan: Meltdown & Spectre
Three seperate vulnerabilites have been discovered within the software and design of several CPU release all the way back starting from 1995. Major vendors like Intel, AMD and ARM are affected by this vulernability. Microsoft relased Emergency update last night, KB4056892
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22 Oct: IOTroop Botnet

Severity: Critical Dispersion: Internet, Direct Attack Operating System: IOT Category: Vulnerabilities, Botnet Sources: Checkpoint, Threatpost   From Alert Several IOT…

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