About us

Protecting your business and your people

Our passion is Cyber Security – our mission is to protect you and your business. Cyberon Security is a team of dedicated and experience Cyber Security professionals with years of experience.

Cyberon Security is a Norwegian based company providing a wide range of cyber security services for IT Service providers (MSP’s) and businesses. We cover more than 25.000 endpoints across 200 companies (January 2019).

We have developed Centry™, our unified cyber security platform, powering our Security Operations Center (SOC) services as well as providing IT MSP’s with a unique tool for managing their customers’ IT Security and risks across systems and silos.

Cyberon is a part of the Garnes Group – a fast-growing global technology group based in Oslo with global teams — all dedicated to bringing the best of insights and technology to our clients and positioning them for optimal performance and digital leadership in their current and future markets.

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