Email security

Email is by far the most common attack vector. It is absolutely a minimum requirement to secure your email accounts against common attacks as well as attempts at unauthorized access to accounts or communications.

Cyberon offers a complete security and archiving service in the cloud. Here you get a full overview of both incoming and outgoing e-mail, as well as the ability to set up sophisticated rules to suit your business. Our solutions provide complete archiving of both internal and external e-mail.

We also provide TLS encryption, which is becoming more and more relevant as the security of e-mail priority.

Becoming more and more relevant as email security is prioritized. Secure your email flow from being picked up and visible by outsiders.

LARGE FILE MANAGEMENT gives relief to e-mail users who frequently need to share large files with the option to limit the number of downloads, a given time or how to wish. Gives relief to email users who frequently need to share large files. Replace files automatically with a secure link to the files stored in the cloud.

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