Privacy services

We are experienced specialists on data protection and privacy. We have readymade packages and templates for GDPR compliance and privacy. We can also provide you with a Data Protection Officer (DPO) as a service, risk assessment and other services related to data protection, privacy and compliance.

We have experience with government and enterprise privacy projects as well as for small and medium sized businesses.

GDPR Start Kit

The GDPR Start Kit is a consultancy service starting with a full mapping of GDPR compliance – how does your business comply with the adequate requirements in the GDPR. The mapping is followed by a GAP-analyses that identifies your needs for action.

Present status and concrete action points are presented to you in our GDPR-report and followed by readymade policies and procedures that enables your business to protect and comply.

Risk assessment

The GDPR says the controller and the processor shall implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure a level of security appropriate to the risk…

Cyberon GDPR specialists can facilitate Privacy Risk Assessments that enables you and your business to identify the appropriate technical and organisational measures. We can also facilitate a Data Protection Impact Assessment when this is required.

Data Protection Officer

The DPO’s role is to inform, advise and monitor compliance. This is a great resource that enables your business to comply with the regulation and enforce the privacy for you, your employees and your customers. This will build a positive reputation and reduce the risk for fines.

The Cyberon DPO service consist of:

  • GDPR compliance mapping and GAP-analyses
  • Ready made policies and procedures
  • Implementation plan
  • Plan for audit and reviews
  • Regularly follow-up
  • Priority response agreement

Training, seminars

Tailor made on-site training, seminars and sessions for end-users, leaders, technical personnel in privacy, compliance, risk and GDPR.

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