Endpoint security

In today’s digital landscape, traditional antivirus software cannot keep up with the rate of development of new malware such as viruses, ransomware and rootkits. In some cases, malware is created to adapt to the conditions of your business systems, making it even more difficult to filter out and prevent damage. Due to these ever-evolving threats, your antivirus software needs to be able to protect you against known and unknown threats. The Cyberon solution for endpoint security employs the most cutting-edge technologies in order to prevent all types of malware, protecting your business.


Our endpoint security solutions make security easier to manage, with easy to use and intuitive management user interface. See live status and make the necessary configuration for all products in the same place and tie several solutions together. A threat may be detected in one solution and then be prevented in another.


Monitor all applications and services running on the network. As soon as an encryption process begins, anti-ransomware solution reviews whether or not the action is legitimate. If there is unwanted behavior, the process will be stopped, and, in cases where a file has been encrypted, revert back to the original by means of a built-in backup function.

Exploit prevention protects against known and unknown security vulnerabilities in applications. Vulnerabilities are one of the methods used to infect and spread ransomware. In addition it is one of the most common ways of being infected when surfing the web.

Root cause analysis is an advanced logging tool that provides detailed information on an event. The program detects an infection and/or possible malicious code, and gives an overview of which files, processes, IP addresses, Web sites, etc. were effected. If you really want to find the source of an infection and who else might have been touched, this is the tool to use.


Server Lockdown provides the ability to lock down servers to prevent attacks. Prepare a server by installing all software and updates you want, then enable Lockdown and neither users or services can make changes.

Detect traffic to C&C servers that manage and send out commands to infected clients.


iOS, Android & Microsoft support in a single interface. Take full control of all devices in the enterprise regardless of OS and configuration.

Policy for all devices provide control over settings, applications, exchange, WIFI and restrictions on functionality.

Mobile security provides full control over the antivirus software for Android devices.


Full disk encryption allows all data to be encrypted and inaccessible to anyone other than the logged in user. In the unlikely event that an unauthorized user manages to access data, it will be unreadable.

Our cloud based platform makes handling and recovery for windows and Mac machines much easier.

Full management in the cloud with an option to expand with even more security products all in the same interface.

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