Cyberon provides expert analysis and solutions targeted at protecting all areas of your business. The Cyberon team is comprised of highly trained specialists in cyber security, with extensive experience in detecting security vulnerabilities and designing infrastructure to address them.

Step One: Vulnerability Analysis

Cyberon will remotely assess your business’ current security framework; reviewing procedures, software, hardware and configuration. After analysis, you will receive a full report detailing shortcomings and how you can internally improve your cyber security.

Step Two: Secure Infrastructure Design

In addition to supplying your business with recommendations for internal improvements, Cyberon will provide a proposal based on your company’s needs to improve security infrastructure, increases the overall security through an overarching, technical design.

Step Three: Pentest & Safety Test

Once the infrastructure plan is implemented, Cyberon will simulate cyber-attacks on your business in an attempt to extract sensitive data. These tests will determine whether infrastructure and configuration of systems have been set up correctly and allow for minor amendments if necessary.

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