Cyber Security Consulting

Cyberon provides specialists within a large area of security ranging from network infrastructure, malware outbreaks, awareness and workshops, GDPR and security culture work.

Network Infrastructure

Infrastructure analysis is one of the key areas of IT-Security. It is also one of the areas where we get the most requests either to go through an old or new firewall solution, or to plan and implement a new one.

Security Solutions

Today there are several areas that needs attention and protection. Everything from endpoints, servers, email gateways, DLP solutions and so on. In order to be updated on the latest threats or key feature from the different vendors, you need to have this as a full time job. Very few are so lucky which is why we offer to support and update any systems in need either as a one time job or recurring.

Malware outbreaks

When users sound the alarm or your network is taken down don’t hesitate to call us. We have experience and expertise in handling just these types of situations. We can help mitigate the damage, try and recover the lost data and consult the best course of action.

Cyber Security Consulting

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