Security Solutions

Cyberon is an independt Security Partner only adivsing and recommending solutions that suit your company and situation. There are key areas where every company should invest in security:

Network Infrastructure

A firewall is paramount in stopping and monitoring potential security breaches and attacks. With a proper configured Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) you can stop most of the incoming attacks against your company. Most firewalls also provide an VPN option so your employees can work safely from home or on the road.

Endpoint Security

Traditional antivirus has been obsolete for some time now and new signature-less protection comes in many forms. Today’s malware is too sophisticated to just rely on the built in windows protection, which is why we recommend an additional layer in order to protect against tomorrows threat.

Email Security

Perhaps the most common attack vector today, email is under attack every day from criminals trying to phish unaware users. There are several areas where dedicated email secyurity solutions can help. Header analytics, link scanning, sandboxing and encryption is some of these.

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