Security Testing

As the threat landscape keeps expanding and new vulnerabilities keeps surfacing, the need for testing your company’s security is all the more important.

Cyberon offers primarily two different security checks, a vulnerability scan and the more intrusive pentesting of companies.

Vulnerability testing

With a none intrusive vulnerability scan we can detect and report on vulnerable services, open ports or outdated systems and give you a detailed action plan on what to remediate first.

The scan causes little interference and can be performed during business hours without having any impact on performance. We use well known tools and can also implement phishing tests against employees if you want to test awareness.

This test can be performed once or as a recurring service in order to uncover new potential threats within your company.

Price from 700 €/800$


Where the goal is to stress test or infiltrate systems in order to find weaknesses or potential errors, Pentesting is the next step. No pentest is the same and together we will plan and tailor make the best suited test according to your platform.

Pentesting is instrumental in ensuring optimal and safe IT-Operations as well as business continuity. It also serves for compliance driven purposes such as audits, GDPR, insurance, enterprise governance and public tenders.

We apply industry standard risk assessments as part of the final report to ensure you get full value from the test.

Security Testing

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