Managing cyber security in today’s digital landscape can be challenging. Many businesses are utilizing multiple tools to carry out various initiatives and it can be difficult to integrate and monitor them all in order to ensure you’re keeping your business safe from attacks.

Enter Cyberon Centry, your virtual safety net.

Integrating with Cyberon Centry can reduce the need for internal IT security resources, at a fraction of the cost, giving you a platform to monitor and address ongoing threats and vulnerabilities your company need to focus on, as well as advice for improving your company’s overall security framework.


The Cyberon Centry product has been developed with integrations in mind, using open-source code. The security software Cyberon utilizes to support its Centry system are industry renowned (i.e. Sophos, IDS), providing a product that maximizes visibility for IT representatives reviewing threats and vulnerabilities.

Big data

Analyzing and connecting all the dots between massive amounts of data across all your systems is complicated, especially when data comes in a variety of formats. Cyberon Centry collects all relevant information in a secure data engine, where we can easily search or review all threats across the board. This allows us to react quickly and prioritize actions, ensuring attackers cannot change or delete any data after a breach. Cyberon’s data storage policy follows “General Data Protection Regulations” GDPR regulation to keep all identifying information safe and anonymous.

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